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How Clean Design is Very Important

Everywhere you turn, another designer is releasing a project featuring a clean design style. This focus on space, simplicity and beautiful typography is refreshing. And it’s a great option for a number of design projects. That might be one of the reasons clean design is so popular.

But the trend is not brand new.  Clean design has been around almost as long as design itself. It’s a technique that ebbs and flows, but always remains as one of the classic styles, making it a design choice that almost always works.

Clean design can be identified by a framework that is simple in nature. Only necessary elements for functionality are included in the design.

Elements such as color and typography are also used with an emphasis on simplicity with extremely pared down palettes that may include only one hue or typeface. Details and space are design factors that really rule the aesthetic. Because there are not a lot of elements to work with, every design divot is on display.

Clean design is taking over because it just works. The style is so simple that users don’t have to think about it. (Even though it requires quite a bit of thought and planning from designers to create something that looks so easy.)

Benefits of Clean Design in Websites and Apps

  • It is designed around the content. Focus and purpose is key when it comes to making minimalism work.
  • It works well in responsive environments. There are fewer elements to shrink and stretch and consider in the code.
  • It’s fast. Less information equals less loading time.

Benefits of Clean Design in Graphic / Print Design

  • It’s timeless; you don’t have to worry about a printed job looking dated as soon as it leaves the printer.
  • Simplicity can help you achieve better quality print, with less worry about colors or bleeds or improper cuts.
  • It can stand out against all the other design clutter because it’s different. Think of those community bulletin boards and how many things are crammed into every poster. Go minimal and yours will grab the eye of passersby first.

Clean design is one of the design trends that just never gets old. The simplicity of it makes minimalism easy to incorporate into a number of other styles and trends. It is classic and classy. It works with – and emphasizes – many different types of content.

Clean design will continue to take over website, app and print design. It will evolve and change as design preferences always do, but the roots of the technique will remain.